The valley of Sorata is a lovely colonial looking town with its steep stairways and maze of narrow cobbled streets. It may well have the finest setting of any town in Bolivia. Perched on a hillside with an elevation of 2625 m. Sorata lays in a valley beneath the towering snowkape peaks of 6362 m. Illampu and Ancohuma 6427 m. It's a popular gateway for urban bolivians and also attracts growing number of hikers and mountaineers.

Tourists aren't the only ones enchanted with Sorata. Bolivian writer emeterio Villamil de Rada was so inspired by the beautiful greenery and clear rivers that he used Sorata as the setting for the garden eden in la lengua de adan (adam's tongue), aymara he described this as the language of adam, and cerro Illampu was the true mt. olimpus.

In colonial times, Sorata provided a link to the gold mines and rubber plantations of the alto beni and as a gateway to the amazon basin.

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